Diorasis \ˈdaɪəˈsɛs \ noun (Greek = clairvoyance) 1 a: the power to perceive things in the future b. the ability to see things that others cannot

Diorasis International SA is a private alternative investment advisory firm established in Luxembourg in 2010 investing on behalf of its partners and for its own account in private equity transactions across key sectors in Southeastern Europe and, on a more opportunistic basis, beyond.

The retreat in bank lending and liquidity along with the contraction of domestic demand in our home markets has led to an unprecedented opportunity for identifying and investing in post financial crisis survivors.

Diorasis has access to patient capital and acquires majority or strategic minority stakes in strategic sectors, actively collaborating with capable management teams that have been starved of growth capital and providing them a runway to operationalize their strategic vision and create value.

Protein Attractive fundamentals supporting protein demand and sustainable supply paint a bright backdrop for long-term growth and resilient prices.
  • Integrated, efficient, and sustainable solutions
  • New technologies along value chain
  • Upstream/downstream integration opportunities
Shipping It is our belief that there are always opportunities to generate returns in this sector, such as through countercyclical plays or in specialized classes.
  • Cycle agnostic and opportunistic
  • Derivative products and instruments
  • Strategic, niche-specific plays
Hospitality Attractive valuations in prime locations present opportunities to tap into new segments of the market and to capitalize on emerging trends.
  • Distressed asset reconfiguration/repurposing
  • Non-conventional formats and locations
  • City/resort properties benefitting from tourism growth
Consumer Our region’s culinary legacy is vast and has garnered global attention for its health benefits and simplicity – consumer preferences that are here to stay.
  • Export-oriented products/brands with global appeal
  • Health consciousness driven demand
NPLs Banks are forgoing long-terms returns for short-term optics.
  • Longer holding periods with superior returns

Diorasis is a dynamic, hands-on investor focused on the continuous improvement and innovation of its portfolio companies by leveraging local knowledge, applying appropriate technologies, and enhancing access to global demand.

With a proven track record, unique industry insights, on the ground presence, and credibility, Diorasis has demonstrated the wherewithal and requisite sensitivity to execute complex transactions and to bridge the interests of various stakeholders in challenging operating environments.

Our team’s breadth and depth of local and international experience offers critical insights into all aspects of our businesses. Key strategic advantages of the team include:

Diorasis team:

Constantine Papadimitriou: Diorasis Director and Chairman and non-executive Partner - Constantin as CEO/CIO of the investment funds of a single family office, has over 30 years, developed successfully and managed a globally diversified portfolio which ranks in the top quartile of the Cambridge Endowment Universe. Constantin also serves as Chairman of the Greek School of Geneva and Lausanne. He holds a BA and MA from the University of Geneva. Constantin is actively involved in all major decisions of Philosofish, such as investments, senior hires and fund raising, while he also shares with Philosofish his wide network of potential new clients, investors and new technologies.

Nicholas Lykiardopulo: Diorasis Director and Executive Partner - Nick is a leading figure in the international shipping business. At his family shipping business, Neda Maritime, he advised on the completion of a total of $3bn in purchases, disposals and financing of shipping assets, and in the purchase and subsequent sale of two mid-size UK businesses. He has also advised on numerous investments in financial products, both on behalf of Neda as well as in his role as Director of The UK Mutual Steamship Association of Bermuda. Nick is Chairman of the London listed Taylor Maritime Investments Ltd. and a Director of Oslo listed BW Epic Kosan Ltd. (each market cap ~$500m) Nick holds an MA from Oxford University and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers. Nick is the strategist of the team, translating global trends into executable strategies and is a decision maker in most aspects of the business, the senior public face of the Group holding relationships with key owners and executives of competitors, financiers, suppliers and service providers both in Greece and internationally. Nick has received no remuneration for his contribution to date.

PACBO EUROPE Administration et Conseil: advisory and managing company in Luxembourg represented by Patrice Cochet. Patrice is director and advisor for various companies (wealth management, patrimonial & financial engineering, corporate governance and operational management). Patrice holds a master degree in private law.

Philosofish team:

George Momferratos: Executive Partner - George is a seasoned Corporate Finance professional and has held various executive roles over the past 35 years in New York (with Mobil Oil and Royal Cruise Lines) and Athens (with Egnatia Bank, Factoring Hellas, and the National Bank of Greece). Before the founding of Diorasis, George was a partner with Ernst & Young, heading the Transaction Advisory Services Teams across Central and Southeastern Europe between 2002 and 2012. George holds an MSc from the London School of Economics. George is the Executive Chairman of Philosofish.

Andreas Sotiropoulos: Executive Director - Andreas has 20 years of experience in financial, agricultural and consumer products. Most recently, he advised the Board of FMN plc, Nigeria’s largest food and agribusiness, and helped deploy over $500m as part of FMN’s upstream and downstream integration program. Previously, he managed the agricultural supply chain at Southern Star Shipping and was an Associate in Citigroup’s financial sponsors’ team in London and New York. He has contributed extensively to the WEF’s Enabling Trade Initiative and holds a BA from Princeton and an MBA from INSEAD. Andreas is involved in various group projects with a focus on transactions.

Nikos Liberis: CEO - Nikos has 20 year’s-experience in growing aquaculture businesses in Turkey and Greece with Simi Fish, Perseus, Andromeda, Fjord-Marine, Selonda and subsequently Philosofish. For 9 years, immediately prior to joining Philosofish, he was responsible for the development of numerous solar power and energy projects while with Recom Technologies, Germany. Today he manages Philosofish’s 640 employees in 4 locations. Nikos holds an MSc in Aquaculture Management from the University of Hull, UK.

Goran Markulin: Chairman of Philosofish International - Goran has 23 years’ experience in the food industry, first with Podravka and for the last 12 years as CEO of Cromaris, the leading aquaculture producer in Croatia. During his time in charge at Cromaris he grew production to 12k tons pa, of which 50% was sold as processed products. He was also Vice-President of the Federation of European Aquaculture Producers. At Philosofish, he is responsible for developing and implementing sales and marketing strategies, building and running our processing capability as well as all international expansion. Goran holds an MSc in Economics from the University of Zagreb, Croatia and a Diploma in Retail Management from Leeds Metropolitan University, UK.

Dimitris Mavroudis: Production Director - Dimitris is a biologist specializing in ichthyology. He started his career as a research scientist in molecular biology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. For most of the last 25 years he has been Production Director at Simi Fish, followed by Dias and then Selonda. Today he is the Production Director of Philosofish with responsibility for all production sites and hatcheries. He holds a BSc in Biology from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a BSc in Aquaculture from the Technological Institute of Aquaculture in Messolonghi.

Giuseppe Virzi: CCO - Giuseppe has 25 years of experience in sales and marketing in the Health & Food industry both in Europe and USA. Most recently he was CCO of Cromaris, a leading European aquaculture business, working under Goran. He is an accomplished former Olympic truck & filed athlete. Giuseppe runs Philosofish International on a day-to-day basis and is responsible for the global sales team. Giuseppe holds an MBA from UC, San Diego, US.

Joanne Betsis: CPO - Joanne has held various leadership and HR roles at multinational companies such as Starbucks and Tupperware Brands. She is the Chief People Officer at the Philosofish and oversees the company’s talent and people strategies, culture and engagement. Joanne holds a BSc from the University of California, Santa Barbara, US and an MSc in International Law from The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID) in Geneva, Switzerland.

Panagiotis Vlastos: CFO - Panagiotis graduated from Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB). Started his career from Arthur Andresen where he built further his economic analytics and developed a broad view of the markets. Panagiotis joined our company after a seventeen-year career at major Greek and Global diary companies like Delta Foods and Arla Foods where he was contributed and recognized for his valuable knowledge and organizations skills.

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